Star Wars: The EXTRA Special Edition: Product Placement

Jordan | October 21, 2011

The Next Logical Step

Considering the road Lucas is already on, with his constant changing of Star Wars, it’s really only a matter of time before he switches the Rebel Alliance emblem to the Pepsi Logo…

Speaking of taking the next logical step, you may have noticed that we, for the first ever, added a little bit of animation to our comic. Hope you love it, cause we intend to use it again… I’m mean, not EVERY time, but it is pretty cool 🙂

Webcomic Artists and Writers, Unite!

Josh, Sale and I recently had the privilege of being invited to a podcast involving creator, Javis Ray and hosted by masterminds, Brandon and Colin Oliver. The topics ranged from the inspirations behind our collective webcomics to shared blood-vendetta’s against an Evil internet Troll to an extensive Toy Collection and I have to say, it was a blast. If you’re interested in hearing the 2 hour plus discussion, we will have a link soon. Also, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out both Legacy Control and Twxxd.

Star Wars Week Concludes

What a week! We show who really shot first, Young Anakin crashes Yoda and Obi-wan’s victory party and Lucas destroys Star Wars once and for all. I even posted the 3rd and 4th Chapter of my Old Republic fan fiction. For me as a Star Wars geek, I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out!

May the Force be with you and see you back here on Monday for when we kick-off Star Trek Week…

Just kidding :p

Josh | October 21, 2011

ISN’T THE NEW ANIMATION THING COOL!?!?! Just one of the many reasons we have the best artist in the world.

Ok, and don’t knock Star Trek. I am not a huge fan myself but I must say that the most recent Star Trek movies was not only the best installment, but one of the best movies of that entire year. Sooo…. at least they earn one point.

Also, as Jordan mentioned, a HUGE thank you to Brendon and Colin Oliver for having us on their podcast. Be checking out the comments coming up because we will be linking the podcast as soon as it’s finished!


Trekkies can suck it.

Very accurate representation of Mr Lucas though!

the latest star trek movie was amazing, and did a great job at rebooting the movie series. besides, Uhura was smoking hot 😀

Dude, minus all your awesome points. Trekkies are little *****s and cannot have any awesome points.

He he he, I love the puns in this one.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to me for things like this to start showing up in Star Wars. Lucas would just be taking notes from Michael Bay. Just look at the Transformers movies…big long product placements…filled with explosions….which I still kind of liked. I guess that’s all the TV shows were so I can’t really say that Hasbro sold out.

Also, thanks for the props on the podcast and for joining us last night! I’m listening through it for editing today and I’m really excited to post it.

love the animation in the comics. so if the rebel alliance logo became the pepsi logo, what would the empire’s logo change to? c’mon, product placement people need to know. besides, i think the pod race scenes in Ep.1 would have been much better if there were some galactic product placement throughout the track and on the pods 🙂

I love the idea of the pod-racer and the track covered in ads like in Nascar! I wish I’d have thought of that. Also, clearly the Imp emblem would be the Coke logo.

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