Star Wars: The EXTRA Special Edition: Jar Jar Shot First

Jordan | October 14, 2011

Lucas Wishes He Thought Of It

I’d like to OFFICIALLY welcome all of you to Star Wars Week here at Imagine Industries. Between the release of the Special Edition on Blu-Ray and the announcement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will actually come out this year; we felt it was the right time to pay tribute to the Holy Trilogy…and the other 3 while we were at it. This weekends comics will deal with stuff that Lucas changed and then take the next logical step…hence, Jar Jar saving Solo.

Also, this Wednesday I will be posting Chapters 3 and 4 of my Star Wars fan fiction and posting a mini comic to boot. It should be a great week!

WWE vs UFC: The Revenge

We have an ongoing poll on our While You Were Working page debating the finer points of big, Gorilla-Men beating on each other. Hope you all vote. The last time I checked, Josh’s WWE was winning which CAN NOT STAND 🙂

Now for something that has nothing to do with Star Wars from Josh but first…


Josh | October 14, 2011

I wanted to share a new video for all of our Imagine Industries fans this week! Imagine Industries’ good friends, Peter Hollens, has released a new a cappella video of “Moves Like Jagger”. Some of you may remember Jordan’s hot dancing skills from a previous video I posted. We have a bigger fan base now, so if you haven’t seen it, make sure and check out this one of a kind gem HERE!
Well, likewise in this new video of Peter’s, he shakes his groove thing and shows everyone how HE moves like Jagger…



This comic would have been better if Greedo or Han shot Jar Jar right in the face he is such a class A ass. I like how star wars looks draw in II style great job Sale

I can solve all the disputes on this page, just listen up:

1) Jar Jar wasn’t shot in the face because as i understand this comic its supposed to be like something that George Lucas would have tried to retroactively squeeze into the first movie, and since Lucas has a huge boner for Jar Jar he never would have had him shot in the face.

2) Bra its Star Wars week and you didn’t ever say a THING ABOUT STAR WARS IN YOUR COMMENT AND A RANDOM NON STAR WARS VIDEO WTF!? Even more proof that YOU need to focus…

3) You can have “like” and “dislike” buttons without getting sued, just simply call them something different like “Epic” and “Fail” and someday maybe Facebook will change to try to match the all powerful Imagine Industries and YOU can sue THEM

Oh and one last thing, Jordan I love that video lol I’ve seen it online before and was literally LMAO

<—- Remember how I need a special fancy avatar *cough*

You are in luck Bra, I’m in a good mood because of the Star Wars weekend and I’m going to make you a fancy avatar without you having to answer any silly questions. Just send me a couple of pictures and I’ll see what i can do.

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