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Jordan | January 1, 2011

We’re Not Dead Yet, Motherf#@%ers!!!

Reports of Imagine Industries’ demise have been greatly exaggerated (mainly by me, last week). Thanks to the outpouring of support and an extremely generous donation from a mysterious, anonymous benefactor, we were able to retain the irreplaceable, Sale Jovic and his considerable talent for the foreseeable future.

Moving forward, we are going to be trying to grow the fan base to make it possible to have Imagine Industries run indefinitely but we’re going to need your help to do it. Telling friends, sharing/liking our Facebook fanpage posts, clicking on the ads on our site once in a while… really any help you guys can give us in getting more readers would be greatly appreciated. The more this comic takes in, the more time we can spend making it even better.

The truth is we are three 20 something guys (and in even more painful truth, we are closer to 30 something guys) with a dream. The dream is to have the funniest comic possible and be able to make a living at it. Is it going to happen over night? Of course not (unless it totally does, in which case, yea!) but if we put in the work, with your support, I truly believe we could make it someday. Now, that will be an epic day!

Thank you again for all of your support and I really hope you loved today’s comic. Friday will see the beginning of our second MAJOR arc since we started. We are looking to TOP the Social Code and I think we have the right topic to do it with!

Also, it will be our 100th episode next Monday. Not for nothing but that will be a very proud day for all of us.

Lastly, I showed off what I got for Christmas last week but Josh hasn’t yet. Show’em what Santa brought you, Joshy!

What a dork!

See you Friday


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Lol, wow, shot down.

Also, really awesome to hear you guys are back in business 🙂

Yes it is. That was a crazy stressful weekend thinking we might be done. I didn’t want to do it but I wrote a last episode to wrap up II just in case. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have to use it anytime soon.

Ah that moment when you see a hot girl and go to talk to her and then find out your brain has just stepped out for 5 minutes.

Great to know that you will keep doing this comic :)it was the first webcomic that me and colleen read back when we first met. You guys make something awesome every Monday and Friday and have helped me and colleen seem crazy to are friends as we yell give me that dam gavel! or say I never got that kiss its ok your to good for that b@%$h. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh so much guys and now soft soppy moment is over and you should get a good look because it will be the last one 🙂

I’m very thankful that this comic is not being shut down. It’s a beautiful piece of work, I’ve grown very fond of Sale’s style. Sale sir, you are extremely talented, each one of your comics is pact full of detail, it’s easy to see how much time and thought you put into creating them. I also wish your family the best in this coming new year.

I don’t have any money I can donate, or else I certainly would. As for the people that do and did donate, is there any way you guys would qualify as a non-profit? I don’t suppose the donations are tax deductible in any way?

Hey guys, awesome news that you aren’t going to stop making the comic! Makes me smile every time I read it! Wishing you guys a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

You guys should know that Rob, who posts on this site, is actually the forum community manager for Grepolis – that awesome game you need to play Jordan. Rob and i have been in dicussion how to get II forced on to ( i mean lovingly guided to ) every member of that forum. Once II has conquered the forum i move that we conquer all 6 million players in game.

Also I would like to reinforce Jonny’s comment up the page a bit, we do this all the time. Then we show confused friends the comic and they join. Like the people who own the house in which i currently board. who are now addicted. Yeeeeah.

I don’t suffer from any addiction…. I ENJOY every minute of it… apart from the time in between when you guys put a new comic up. That bit is just torture. I NEED my fix man.

You guys can never shut down! Or ill have to go back to picking on the lesser minded people of my town over facebook…. Yes it sounds mean! But it distracts them from stealing my letter box! Damn kids! *Shakes walking stick*

Also you guys are too cool :’) Not only entertain me with laughs here but when i randomly get comments on facebook, you aren’t an evil faceless corporation like that damn Google! Evil i tell you evil!! Well i hope you can carry on till you are old and grey because yes i will be force feeding my children this comic! If i ever have them since i have the same problem as depicted in the comic, Shame on me 🙁

Keep it up Jordan, Josh and Sale!! We love you :’) Im not crying because im sad i swear!

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