Severance Package

Jordan | April 23th, 2011

One And Done

I’ve been toying around with adding new characters for a while and Blake here was just one of my many concepts; self-absorbed, bombastic and sporting a douchey knit cap. I wanted someone even fans of Tim, Jordan and Josh’s brand of douche-baggery would hate but alas, I couldn’t stand him either. I do intended to play around with other, less awful, characters in the future but I guess Blake didn’t make the cut.

And yes, he’s f#@%ing dead!

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DEXTER REFERENCE!!! If you don’t get it you have some work to go home and do… amirite Bra?

Absolutely! If anyone hasn’t already done so, get caught up on Dexter. It might be a tad too violence for some but if you can handle that stuff easily then get on it.

Love the whiteboard guys! Yay for bringing in a moron and killing him off, shame he didn’t try to sit on Jordan’s throne first.

Well, if he had done that Jordan wouldn’t have killed him. Don’t get me wrong, we would have died but only when he decided he couldn’t take anymore.

Wow, new guy’s got some serious darkness in him. Well done.

Not sure if this is the result of Jordan and Josh warping him or if, perhaps, this is who he’s always been deep down and the guys have just helped it to the surface.

Then again, I am not sure it’s darkness at all. New Guy saw a Monster in the World and took care of it. Really, he’s a purifying light against the darkness.

…and I love the name of his boat.

Throughout the entire comic I was thinking “evil Les Nessman” … but you might not know who he is 😛 Coming from Boston area I was also thinking of any of the Kennedys!

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