Raiders of the Lost Chair

Jordan | April 25, 2011

Sock Puppet Soldiers

We are proud to announce that a guest comic we did for is up and available for viewing.  SPA’s creator, Nick, has been a friend of Imagine Industries since we launched and we were extremely happy to get the opportunity to do a cross-over episode for his site. Check out Jordan and Josh meeting some of Nick’s characters on their turf.

P.S. In case you were worried, it’s not actually about an army of sock puppets.

Jordan | April 25, 2011
So it begins…

This comic begins our first arcing set of episodes.  We have grand intentions to do many more arcs in the future (one in particular will span nearly 3 months 🙂 ) and we really hope quick jokes teamed with epic storytelling is something that interests you.

One quick announcement, this Friday, Imagine Industries had its biggest single day since we launched.  We owe that all to our readers (you) and we appreciate all of you telling your friends and getting the word out about our little comic.  You guys ROCK!!!

Josh | April 25, 2011

I sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying Imagine Industries so far! As Jordan mentioned, now that we have a lot of our characters introduced and some of our personalities established, we can get more into the story telling and arcs of the comic that are fun and entertaining! We try and work every day with feedback to make our comic the best product possible that you, the reader, enjoy! This small arc will introduce one final character we have had planned for a while, so that way when we start doing more involved stories, we can weave all the characters in and out of the comic!

Thank you again for all your continued support and we hope that you pass this along to your friends and family!


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