Raiders of the Lost Chair (part 3)

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Josh | May 2, 2011

We very much hope that everyone is enjoying the story arc so far! As we have mentioned before, we have many more plans for elaborate arcs in the near future so make sure and stay tuned! If you haven’t noticed yet, we are going to be putting the links up on every new comic for you to go and vote for us! We are a part of a few different Webcomic Directories and every vote counts! Thank you for your continued support and pass the comic along to your friends!! Enjoy!!


Hooray for story arcs! I’m glad you guys are doing one now… It has me checking back regularly to see “what’s going on with the Throne” lol keep it up guys and keep the arcs flowing

How is it that Jordan has time to be on the lookout for his throne and not hitting on the security guard?

I keep voting once a day come on people lets stuff the ballot box vote once from each of your computers

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