Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Hiyah?

Josh | April 21, 2012

Ok everyone, yesterday was Jordan’s birthday and I’d got a few things about him I need to get off my chest. Call it a venting session if you must, but I think it has to be said.

Jordan is the lifeblood of this comic. Sale, myself and him all try and work together on a consistent basis to make and create something that people will enjoy every week since we launched last February. I have said to you all before that Sale is one of the most talented artists on the planet and he pulls out all the stops when it comes to the amazing art you see all the time, but I have to say, without Jordan, this comic would NOT exist. I believe you all know the story about Jordan and I coming together at the Olive Garden and making the decision that we wanted II to come to life, and all the hard work we put into making this happen, but it was from February 21st 2011 that all the work really started to kick in. I can tell you that 95% of the ideas, jokes, punchlines, story arcs, over the top action scenes, characters, experiences, laughs… were Jordan’s. I don’t know how it works in his brain exactly, but he is ALWAYS putting out his best foot forward to have Josh and Jordan be in the most ridiculous situations that will bring laughter to our readers every single day. Every time we talk he has an idea, every time we are texting he has a joke, every time we get together, his primary focus has been on this comic, and for making it as good as possible for all of you. Sale puts our ideas into pictures, and I try and make all of our shenanigans known to the world, but the heart beat of where it all starts, is Jordan.
On top of the fact that this comic would not be what it is without him, he is a genuinely nice person, super easy going, very fun to work with, and one of my best friends. No matter what the fate of this comic is for the future, how long or short we go, this IS THE best web comic on the internet, and all of you who read this and believe that, have Jordan to thank. Our team tries to combat the impossible week in and week out, and it’s pretty easy for me to tell you that Jordan is at the helm steering us right into the bright shining sun of glory.

Happy Birthday, buddy. I know we are dudes and don’t say it to eachother, but I love ya, and hope this year is even better than the last. Thank you for everything you do.

Jordan | April 20th, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Merry 4/20 everybody! It’s no coincidence that I share a birthday with Adolf Hitler and Joey Lawrence (Whoa), you see all of the most evil, despicable, disgusting members of society hold down the April 20th B-day slot… and apparently, I’m no different. Now, of course, I’m not responsible for the most horrific acts of Genocide ever known to mankind or the most horrific acting ever known to American sitcom audiences but I’ve done bad stuff, man. For instance, I subjected you to this episode’s awful pun (and subsequent product placement), as well as the fact that I had Sale draw such a cute Orange that you’re all going to feel a little guilty the next time you rip one apart and devour it… I did on purpose in an elaborate attempt to give all my readers Scurvy.

See, Evil!

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Happy Birthday Jordan you sexy man beast you 😉 The Bromance you guys have going on is that of legend! You guys keep dishing out comics that i love to read just one after the other! I hope you guys are around till the end of my days.

This comic made me WANT to rip an orange apart and devour it, so ha! I am immune to your scurvy-spreading plan!

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