Nothing We Were Ever Trained For

Jordan | June, 4st, 2012

Apparently, We’re Very Dangerous

Couple things, really quick…

1. As most of you probably noticed already we’ve been deemed a “Malware” site. This isn’t (to the best of all my searches) true. Not sure how long this is going to be popping up but Josh has already sent out a string of emails to the apparent authorities whom blocked us so we hope it will be cleared up asap.

2. Due to the site’s malware blockage, I decided to hold off sharing the comic I hinted at on Friday and instead continue the main story. Basically, I think it could go viral for us and I don’t want a ton of new people’s first impression of us to be that we’ve got virus’ galore.

3. Because this Malware thing caught me off guard, I had to make this last comic ‘on the fly’ which is why it was posted at 6am, instead of our normal 1-4ish time slot. But even with the rush, I’m pretty proud of this one.

Thanks for hanging with us during this strange time… smack dab in the center of this strange year. Seriously, 2012… what’s your beef?!

Also, just finish the Second Season of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched any of it yet, START! It’s great! I mean, the whole frickin’ thing. Top to bottom, it’s an excellent show and you’d be silly to skip it. There is only one thing that sucks about Game of Thrones…

307 days to Season 3!


Still waiting to hear back from my artist friend, but in the meantime I found something else interesting. A comic called “Romantically Apocalyptic”. The humor is a bit.. unorthodox, dealing with a group of soldiers stomping around the ruins of a dead city after some cataclysmic event. According to their info page, its a photocomic, albeit a heavily altered one. They use live actors and locations and then use Photoshop and digital artwork to intricately transform each page into the comic. Of course, they put a lot of time into each panel, but it may give you an idea what you -could- do, if you pursued Photoshop.

Also, still loving the comic. Nicely done.

Also also: First

Yeah, I’ve read RA before but I didn’t even realize that it was in anyway a photocomic, I just assumed it was computer generated. That being said, it looks great. Not sure I could ever do something that looked THAT good but I’ll try.

So if you’re unemployed, where did the money come from to build a fully functioning iron man suit and acquire a palladium fuelled arc reactor to power it? Looking forward to the new comic once the mal-ware issue is dealt with.

I’m reminded of a line from The Social Code that sums up my feelings on crazy stuff in Webcomics. Josh asks how Jordan showed up to save him as a ‘blue glowy’ if he wasn’t dead, to which Jordan responded, “You really can’t question any of this… or it all just falls apart”.

I’ve tried to make this new run of Photocomics hold on to its “cartoon” roots in that it’s not always logical or possible.

That being said, Jordan ordered the Palladium reactor while he was still working at II and stole the tools he needed gradually over his employment (because that’s what employees do). The money though, well the less said about that the better…

Hint: Jordan owns a 37 foot Piggy Bank 🙂

PS. The bank also invests your money automatically and breaths Dragon fire.

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