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Jordan | May 18th, 2011

What The HELL Is A Mr. Owl?

Well, in case you weren’t born between 1980 and 1990, here’s what you missed…

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Closing Up Shop Early

I have some sad news all, due to circumstances outside my control, we only have 2 more episodes of Imagine Industries left.  Sale has been forced to take on a new job earlier than originally planned and will not have time enough to finish our originally planned out stopping point.  This is not Sale’s fault; if he did not start his new job early, then he’d risk losing it completely and no new Father could afford not having work.  I will personally miss working with Sale; he always brought as much professionalism to his work as someone drawing characters like Tim Cruise could rationally bring.

With Sale’s departure, we are down one very talented solider in the II Army but we aren’t necessarily finished.   Josh and I will be discussing all our options moving forward and we will hopefully come up with a battle plan soon.  In the meantime,  we still have 2 more comics to update for certain and we’ll be relaying any news and plans for the comic to you guys as we come up with them.  Regardless of what happens, the Imagine Industries Facebook fanpage isn’t going anywhere and, even if we have to go down for a while, if we comeback in one form or another, you’ll be the first to know.

Josh: …even if we have to ‘go down’ for a while?

Jordan: One thing about us II boys, we have no problem going down 😉

Josh: Please don’t wink at me when you say things like that.


Not giving up on you guys, i’m post your comics on mondays and fridays from the very beginning, so all my friends are badgered yet again with your links but so they can see how great it’s been. Can’t wait for the next two, Going to miss Sale’s epic artwork.

You guys have been a part of Jonny and I, a large chunk of our relationship being devoted to talks of II. We love you guys. And now i have “Hoist the colours” stuck in my head….heave, ho, thieves and beggars, never say we die!

this episode is awesome 🙂 but very sad to here about sale… 🙁 if even if you continued to do the horrid art you did in the last episode. i would still read it! lol but it still would be missing the art work that is sale.

Creativity is not only a talent and a gift, but also learned and perfected with practice like anything else. Fear is also learned and perfected through practice. The biggest shame is being fearful about being creative.

Most people compare themselves to others that have made a name for themselves already by showing that they are talented in something. Those people that compare themselves to the best tend to either think in one of two ways. A) “Wow look at that person being awesome, that looks like something I would have fun doing, I think I’ll give it a try.” or B) “Wow look at that person being awesome, I will never be that good why even bother trying it.”

It is the fear of not being the best at something that stands in the way of many peoples creativity. The key is to make creativity fun, and not comparing your work to anyone else, enjoy what you have made and be proud of it. With a good attitude, practicing your creativity will become easier, and with practice comes confidence.

This bit of advice relates directly to your situation. You are loosing one of the three musketeers. However, it is no reason to stop putting out comics. If the only reason you stop posting comics is because you don’t have an “artist”, well then frankly that’s a weak and poopy reason. You don’t need beautiful professionally drawn and colored artwork for a comic to be a comic. As long as a comic has great writing, it could look like crap. The goal is to make people go “hahaha” not “oooo, I like the shading on his biceps”. You both can draw, you are the only people standing in your way, you just have to do it. Try. Experiment, and don’t be a whinny “i’m not good, i can’t do it” little pansies about it. Lucky for you guys, it’s a comic, not a framed painting that is going to be under glass in a museum. Also, bad drawings are funny. That is what you are going for… Funny!!

I believe that with quality writing that makes your audience laugh, your comics could look like a first grader drew them. In-fact, that may be an entertaining idea.

Please don’t give up on your dream of having a web comic. If you are to afraid of criticism about your drawing abilities, then get over yourself and keep drawing, take a class or something. But don’t quit before giving it a shot.

If you are think people will burn the comic to the ground when they see your drawings then talk to the people around you that know how to doodle, sketch, or draw. A quick comic sketch can take just minutes. You don’t need the high quality work that Sale has been putting into the comic, for it to still be a comic.

If it’s funny, they will come.

I’m sorry to give you guys a kick in the butt, however sometimes you have to think about things from a different direction in order to solve a problem. I know how much this comic means to you and all the people who have been supporting you, family, friends, and readers. You do not have to give up on this dream because you don’t have a professional artist. Keep making comics, and we will keep reading your comics and getting that needed laughter when we need a pick-me up from our long week.

Rocky, Goku, Optimus Prime,
and this guy
want you to never give up your dream, and to keep making comics.

Ok, I had to respond to this. I love what you wrote. It gave me the push I needed to start writing again. As the comic has been seemingly wrapping up in 2012 (between us running out of money for Sale and Josh getting taken down by his personal issues and me just being a general weirdo) I have been hit with a pretty server case of writer’s block.

It use to be that I could just sit down and write script after script at will. It wasn’t even taxing to knock out 4-10 comics a day. Lately, if I can sit down and turn out 1 that I’m happy with, I’ve done a good job. Minutes after reading your comment, I wrote out what will be Sale’s final episode with II. I think it might be one of my best. And that feeling of success and pride in what I do has made me want to keep this comic going. Now, it can’t be the same without Sale but losing him will force me to push myself out of my comfort zone and mix things up a bit.

I’m not sure if this will make the comic better or worse but it won’t be the same, that’s for sure. I just hope the spark that brought us such loyal fans will remain and keep you guys entertained and coming back.

Thanks for the push and I hope you like what comes from it 🙂

hey if you can make me laugh or just giggle? ill be coming back. crap i love the stuff you right. i don’t plan on NOT coming back.

Woo-hoo!!! WAY back in the Day memories! … Jordan won big time!

I swear, this, above all other, commercials from my childhood, stuck with me the most.

70s-80s child, eh? 🙂 … Remember the crying Indian commercial? and Pong video game?

Yes on both counts but the crying Indian one was before my time. I only learned of it through people making references to it.

Although the idea of using a crying Indian to make the people who took his land feel bad about the way they’re treating it seems odd. Better yet he should be looking at the camera and giving the disappointed Dad look to the audience.

‘HOW’ could you let this happen to Earth Mother? I expected more from you.

That could have guilt tripped us into being better. Because God knows, if crying Indians made white people feel bad than they might still have their Country.

Jordan’s racially insensitive rant of the week has been brought to you by, Manifest Destiny: If God didn’t want us to own everything, he would have said something by now, right?

hmmmm .. Keep their country? I dunno.

Considering how President Johnson’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 was needed to officially give blacks the right to vote, and the 1920 19th US Constitutional Amendment gave the women the right to vote, it appears Americans back then must have been even more colossally insensitive to others.

I don’t think Indians stood a chance, beyond using tanks and guns, that they could have retained their woodland country. Sad, but I’m sure I’m very close to the truth.

If only the Sioux or Cherokee chiefs knew Optimus Prime back then!!!! That would make the Alamo story look like a Disney poem >:-)

It seems I have been upstaged by another mysterious fan, sir or lady ‘Confidence’. I’m grateful to you for putting into words what I wanted to say; that II can continue as long as the creators are willing to make it so.

I agree wholeheartedly with Con that you and Josh can make this work, even without Sale. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sale’s work is brilliant. Some comics are carried more by their art than their writing; very few find a balance, and they tend to favor one over the other. However I do feel that at its best, the writing in II is strong enough to carry the comic by itself. If anything it might just require you put more work and more heart into the writing, making sure each episode is as good as you can make it. You’ll want to put more time into the grammar or spelling since there may be less flashy pictures to distract from an occasional error. In other words, this may require greater effort from you, but I know you can do it. I’ve seen it. I invested in II because I believe in what it stands for: following a dream.

If you need proof you can make it without a talented artist, check out Just one example of a comic propelled almost entirely by its ideas. They use -stick figures- and its one of the most popular webcomics on the ‘net. Or look at Look at their current comic, then go back to the very first comic.

You can do this, Josh and Jordan. You have the ability. The only question is if you have the will. If finances continue to be a problem, I’ll continue investing in the company.

You are chasing a dream here, gentlemen. One that most of us would never have the strength or courage to follow. I should know.

Don’t you dare stop now.

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