Little Imagine Industries

Jordan | June 13th, 2012

The Beginning And The End

I am truly conflicted and deeply saddened to tell you that this will be the last episode of Imagine Industries. After a year and a half and 145 comics, we’ve been forced to call it a day. I’m not going to whine about all the obstacles that lead to this and complain about, “what went wrong” but suffice to say, 2012 was not our year. It does seem fitting to end this way though, with little Josh and Jordan, meeting for the first time in a comic drawn by Sale. It reminds me of a simpler time, when we were all excited and hopeful for the future of our little comic that could.

I want to say thank you to everyone who read us every week, shared opinions on our comment board and generally just made this comic kick-ass! I hope that you all had fun watching our little group of douche-bags stumble through their misadventure and I’m really sorry I couldn’t have given you an ending to their story, like I had planned. I will say, I intend to wreak a bit more havoc before they were done (and possibly start WWIII).

I won’t speak for the other members (though, I do invite them to tell you on here) but for me, I am going to focus on writing a Novel or two after this. Besides the Star Wars fan fiction I shared with you in the past, I also I have a Fantasy Novel and a Comedic-Western film script in the works. If anyone is interested, please keep the Imagine Industries fan-page ‘liked’ and I’ll give you the heads up upon any of their completions. Otherwise, always feel free to message me directly through Facebook or my email (

I intend to leave the website up as long as we have it paid for so feel free to read back through them anytime you’d like. I will hopefully have a printed book of our comics available for our fans in the near future.

Thanks for reading and May The Dorks Be With You…

Jordan Cardwell

P.S. Mine!

Josh | June 22, 2012


The End of the World as we know it…


So here we are on the final day of Imagine Industries and all I can think about is the first time Jordan and I stayed up for over 24 straight hours to try and make this dream we had a reality. From the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows, I can honestly say this is one of the first times in my life that I have believed in a dream I had, and actually accomplished it. I could not have done it without Jordan every step of the way, but the fact that we made all this come to life blows my mind.

You could say that I am a person with big dreams and very little follow through. I enjoy thinking and fantasizing about everything I COULD do in life, but RARELY do I actually see it through to the end. There were several times with this comic that I wanted to quit, but between our teamwork, our fans, and the fun, I just couldn’t give up. Our time has finally come and it’s a bitter goodbye to all the people we have gotten to know over the last year and a half. February 21, 2011 was one of the best days of my life and will forever be imprinted in my mind.

A few shout outs before I say goodbye. To Colleen and Jon, our super fans, who have been with us since the beginning. Jordan and I always wanted to have at least a couple people obsess over our work and we got that stroking of our egos with the two of you. Thank you for all your love and support.  Bra, you have also been with us since just about the beginning. You have shared insight, ideas, and even got immortalized (not necessarily how you WANTED to be), in our little rag tag comic. We hope that the laughs were more than enough pay back for all your support and help over the year and a half. Sale, you talented little Serbian S.O.B. This project would have never made it off the ground without the magical stroke of your pen. From the first time you made us out as characters, until the very end when you had to part with us, you breathed your life and blood into the comic and I know that myself and every other reader places you at the TOP of the web comic artist mountain. I would pin your art up against ANY web comic online, and we cannot thank you enough. And of course Jordan. I know I shared before about his impact on this comic but he is our Captain Reynolds. The work you did, and the fun we had doing this was something I think we can both be proud of. We were professional, diligent, and motivated (well for the most part) to keep it going as long as we have. You are one of my best friends and it’s great to know that now that this is all over we can still hang out, relax, and talk about once upon a time.


Thank you for everything, Imagine Industries. You were an idea, that came to life, and we could not be more proud of what you grew to become.


~Josh Lenhardt




Damn it! Well. When this fan book comes out, let us know!

I’m going to take a week off from the comic to clear my head but next week I want to start designing a comic collection (if anyone recommends any particular site for this, email me). It will likely be in 2 books, each with about half the archive, paired with little stories and silly jokes from the posts and WYWW’s.

best web comic ever realy loved reading it every week always funny you all will be missed

Gentlemen, I should hope you two are intelligent enough to realize that this wasn’t a failure. Almost all creative shows come to an end – tv shows air their final season. Epic book sagas must write their final page. Even webcomics eventually tell their last punchline.

Remember: you’ve done the impossible. And that makes you mighty.

Keep an eye out for other opportunities as they come up. Maybe you will hear something say they need a writer for their script/tv idea/comic/video game. If you hear that, I want you to walk up to them with all the gravitas of a demigod and say, “I can do that.” Keep generating ideas, come up with stories. Find other ways to explore them. Keep entering writing contests or attending conventions. It doesn’t have to be the main focus of your lives; we all have a day job, we all have friends and family and Diablo III. However, I don’t want you to think that because II has to stop that you have to stop.

Keep flying, dreamers. Keep the dreams alive.

I have been trying to think positively about the comic ending. I don’t, by any means, think of II as a failure (unless you count financially 🙂 ) but instead as a big learning experience.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is, well, don’t give up. I know that doesn’t sound like the lesson here but hear me out. Don’t give up on being creative because your last creative project didn’t take off. Walk it off, adjust and come back stronger. That’s my plan. Take this kick in the nuts and learn from it. The kick in the nuts is the hurt from having to let go of II and not DOING II, doing II was a joy.

I read this and actually Cried 🙁

I will be making sure that my friends on FB all see your brilliance before it disappears, i think i’ll link a comic daily from the first episode until the last.

You guys and this comic are a huge part of our (Jonny and I’s) Relationship, from him complaining that i put the comic before him, or us both staying up until 1am with bacon sandwiches waiting for the II to come out….We care about you guys and wish you the very best in what you choose to do in the future. Jordan, we’ll continue to stalk you through FB for your writing (your starwars fanfic is fantastic) and with Josh as well i hope we keep our friendship/stalkership alive 😛

I’m sorry this made you sad. I was pretty broken up about it myself.

I’m really glad that we got to be a part of everyone lives (particularly a part of your relationship). I re-read our the Valentine’s Day comic we collaborated on and got a big chuckle.

We’ve met so many people that we would have never met if not for II and that might be the biggest win of this whole thing.

this is definitely a sad day for the interwebz. the II comic was an amazing read, and if Colleen and John hadn’t shared it with myself i would have never known. there will have to be some way to immortalize this comic before the pages leave us forever. keep us informed about any future projects and the release of the fanbook for the comics.

best of luck to both of you, and who knows, maybe you’ll have the next big screenplay or novel.

okay, totally bummed that the brilliance must come to an end! I can’t say I interacted a ton with the site or anything like that, but I was most certainly a huge fan and, though I could never quite figure out when exactly the next comic would be released, I was eagerly awaiting the II Facebook post about a new comic!
thanks you guys…

Question of curiousity :/ would it not be possible to put all the comics themselves into a zipped file and put the file up for download somewhere, maybe a torrent or something aswell? *just suggesting*

Hey David,

Glad you commented! I tried to tell everyone we did new comics every Monday and Friday but as my Wife continuously pointed out to me, it doesn’t say that in the header of the site… it really should have.

As for your question, I haven’t quite settled on what to do with all the episodes but I might very well just put them all together in a zip and link a torrent. It’s not a bad idea.

How did I not post on the very last II comic?

oh yeah the sock of never getting any more II sent me over the edge and I have been I a nice room with soft padded walls. They rarely let me use a PC 🙁

But I still miss you guys and this comic nothing comes close to it and I still have not filled the II shaped hole in my life.

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