Let’s Get Ready To Crumble

Jordan | March 7, 2011

Fan Favorite

I know what happened to me in this comic looked pretty brutal but don’t worry…I’m a trained professional, the fighter who beat on me was never in any danger.  That being said, just wait for Round 2 on Friday!

I want to take a moment to highlight our While You Were Working posts for the next couple weeks.  Last week I posted My Top 5 most anticipated releases of 2011.  I caught a fair amount of flack for not mentioning everyone else’s favorites for this year and I came up with a solution.

Josh is rolling out his Top 5 on Wednesday and then, next week, I want have the first ever Fan WYWW!  Send us your picks for most anticipated release of 2011 via email or by commenting on either of the related WYWW posts (please, no more than 5 picks per person and make a strong argument for your #1).

Whatever gets the most Fan nominations will be named the winner and receive a surprise mystery gift…ok, we’re broke so they’re not getting squat but we’ll support the crap out of them and make a point to mention them as often as possible.

Can’t wait to see what you will choose!



Just want to commend you guys on the great titles for each comic lol I almost get more of a kick out of those than the comics themselves lol lets get ready to crumble… YOURE MINE LIDELL!

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