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Kefka’s Revenge | Imagine Industries

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Kefka’s Revenge

Jordan | February 25, 2011
Hidden Energy

Welcome to the first comic update since our launch this Monday!

Three things!  One, thanks to everyone who has supported our comic so far, we’ve loved all the positive feedback and interest in the comic!  Second, we hid something fun in this comic (just like in episode 4).  Although it’s not a new episode like last time, I think you will still, very much enjoy it.  And third, a few people have expressed interest in commenting on our comics but didn’t see where they could.  Sorry about that, it’s kind of small but next to my picture above, the word comment is written in red, if you press, “comment” it will open up a box at the bottom of the page for you to write your opinion on the current episode.  We ask that comments remain respectful but your input is always valued and welcomed!

Thanks again for making our launch so successful!


| February 25, 2011
Thank you so much for your support!

As Jordan mentioned, we do very much appreciate all the continued support! With the comic updating on Monday and Friday, and “While you Were Working” being updated on Wednesday, we hope you have found a lot to do around the site!
I know that making a Final Fantasy 3 reference is a little obscure for the first update, but don’t worry, we have plans to make all sorts of fantastic references over the life of this comic. This is just the first of many! We hope you enjoy and keep coming back again and again! Tell your friends! 🙂

Jordan | February 28, 2011
America vs Japan

I have heard a lot of comments about Josh’s character in the comic calling the Final Fantasy with Kefka “Final Fantasy 3” and not “6”.  When I played it originally on the SNES, the game was called Final Fantasy 3 so, I always called it FF3.  In Japan, it was the 6th FF game released and it was re-released in the FF Anthology in America as FFVI.  Now, I grew up on it as FF3 and that’s why I called it such but I should have known I would catch hell for that.  I understand that people are passionate about this topic and I will try to avoid making gamer faux pas as much as possible, especially when dealing with beloved games from our collective childhoods.



hey baby it looks great! Totally could see a robo cop episode in the future i’ll explain more later though wouldn’t want to ruin the suprises for the others 😛

So, I hope you mean, Final Fantasy 6, Since I’m sure you are referencing the SNES title, which was of course called Final Fantasy VI in Japan, and Final Fantasy III in the US, because you know… there were only 2 previous Final Fantasy games released in the U.S. and I know you want to be super accurate and nerdy when you make nerd references. <3

Lol this is something Bra and I have hard a hard time with in discussions about the FF series… But even more so with FF2 – FF4… I tend to go with the ones I grew up with 2 and 3 just calling them 4 and 6… since in the USA we skipped from 3 to 7 there is really no mistake what game you’re referencing when you say “FF6” or “FF4″… however whenever I pull out my SNES cartridge that says “Final Fantasy III” and with the picture of Mog clutching the Dagger I reconsider my stance on the matter… You know I have an old VHS tape of some TV show that my brother and I recorded off TV back in the 90s and it has the original Television add for the American release of FF3 on it… i should see if I can find that on you tube lol it had Mog sitting behind a desk interview monsters for the game and if they weren’t scary enough he would cast Lit3 on them… lol

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