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Jordan | November 28, 2011

Coming Out Of The Coffin

You think THAT will finally get us some hate-mail? Well, if we do receive any hate, I’d like to thank our own Sale Jovic for taking my relativity tame idea (ok, not that much tamer) and taking to the extreme… ly gross. In fairness, I did give him a chance to take the Twilight douches down a notch after their God-Awful movie held down the number 1 spot at the box office for a second week in a row.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the new Twilight, don’t! And if you have…I’m so very sorry. Either way, go see the new Muppet movie (according to Josh, it’s pretty darn awesome).

Anyway, tune in this Friday for the beginning of an Arc that Josh and I have been dying to share with you guys!


This is one of my favourite quotes from a website i love. Jordan and Josh may have already read it on facebook but hell!

“If you’re male and you like Twilight, you’re gay. I don’t mean that in the derogatory sense, I mean it in the “you want to put your testicles against another man’s testicles while gripping handfuls of chest hair kind of way”

And if Tim was in the real world he would certainly be my friend….That gets owned around 30 – 40 times a day by the rest of the group.

Out of the three of them Tim is the better choice to go home with as he is the not all sparkly or all oiled up. Tims only bad point is that he is creepy and to be fair the other two are just as creepy as Tim if not more so.

I have to say Werewolves are usually very attractive….but since they became a tween sensation i’m starting to miss the old fashion days of Vampires without emotions…..or glitter…..and Werewolves who aren’t little bitches with spray on abs.
Werewolves = Hairy Beasts of Epic. Not Young boy with one chest hair. End of rant.

hahahaha ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

I DO miss the days when vampires and werewolves were… you know… the BAD GUYS!!!

So glad you guys jabbed Twilight…

Right?! Vampires and Warewolves went from the ultimate bad-asses to the ultimate teen sensation. So so sad. Kids these days.

Now only if there were only a teen-drama about zombies and robots and the emotional trials they face during their high school years, then I could finally stop watching re-runs of Dawsin’s Creek.

Hold up, I’ve got my pen here, writing it down…”teen-drama, zombies and robots”. If anyone needs me, I’m just going to be pitching this to Fox.

Guys, well done. Sale, seriously dude, that image in the fifth panel is now burnt in my brain. Gonna need to watch a lot of Buffy the Vampire slayer to wash that out 😉

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