Joseph Has No Penis x3

Jordan | June, 8th, 2012

Inside Joke

First things first, we have word from our site’s designer that we are (and already was) Malware free and he petitioned to have the site reinstated.  He told us the last time this happened with a site he was working on, the petition process only took a day.  I hope that is the case with us as well.

Now, to this comic.  As you may have noticed (unless your eye sight is awful) this episode was actually drawn (and by Sale, no less) and not Photostyle.  Sadly, this does not mark Sale’s triumphant return but instead is an episode we did for our friend, Bra, months ago for his birthday.  Hopefully, Josh or Bra comments on this comic and explains what this episode is based on, since I wasn’t there…

That being said, I’m pretty sure Bra crapped his pants at a Kwan’s… just a hunch 🙂

Speaking of Bra, he is currently trying his hand at drawing a very special run of comics for us.   I don’t want to talk too much about it but I should have an official announcement in the coming weeks.

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to Monday… especially if that damn Malware warning is gone!


FIRST! I am sorry for anyone that doesn’t get this joke, it is one that has been circulating our close friends for a few years. Josh basically hit the nail on the head when he said that Bra, crapped his pants at Kwan’s on his birthday, years ago.

oh yes… this is so wonderous… lol

Ok so I’ll give the short version since I was the unfortunate person who pooped his pants in a restaurant. To be fair I was a kid… but not like super little I was like twelve and well I took a gamble on a fart… and when you gamble you don’t always win. So for my birthday this year my good Friends Josh, Jordan and Spittoon collaborated on this comic for me, I have a beautifully framed version of it that I’m still trying to find the perfect spot to hang in my computer room.

The second inside joke of this comic is the last panel… that’s my brother Matt in the car window. When we were about 14 I would say Josh and I were walking from my parent house to Dairy Queen. Well my brother was fairly freshly 16 with a drivers license and an old pickup truck he bought of a dude for cheap, this pick up truck just happened to have, you guessed it, a PA system… so this was not only shouted from a car window but broadcast over a loudspeaker for all to hear… he drive by very slowly and says simple “Joseph has no penis, no penis, no penis” I turn 10 shades of red and looked back to my best friend Josh for conciliation and reassurance and instead I find him pointing at me and laughing hysterically at me almost double over in delight… As you can see when Josh and Jordan say the characters of this comic are based on them they speak the truth..

So for my birthday my friends made me a personalized comic chronicling the two most embarrassing moments of my life… Thanks guys, what are friends for?

Now that you’ve read my narrative, go read the comic again… it will be much more special the second time around.

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