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Josh | July 15, 2011

Today we continue the theme of Social Networking. I can imagine that even the youngest billionaire in the world’s palms get a little sweaty when he finds out that he will be going head to head with Google. To be perfectly honest, from what I have seen of Google Plus I am not TOO overly excited yet, but never the less you slap the name of “Google” onto anything and it may seem a bit daunting to anyone… even Mark Zuckerberg. Also to be perfectly honest, I think we are giving Tom a little TOO much credit in this comic. I guarantee being Zuckerberg’s personal peon pays far more money than Tom ever ended up making from Myspace.

In other news, I believe many of you remember Jordan posting my birthday comic. It was a complete surprise to me and I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t find out until AFTER the fact that Jordan thought a little friendly “back and forth” would be fun for the comic. So, I am pulling out the big guns. I came across a video of my co-writer and friend, doing something I don’t think he meant for ANYONE to video tape and show to the world. Well today is your lucky day because I have thrown together a few quick edits and am giving you all a special treat! I would like to personally thank Quinn Cardwell, Jordan’s brother for sending me this little gem, and Joe Sturzinger aka “Bra” for helping me with the video editing. So, without further adieu… ladies and gentlemen, Jordan Cardwell. (PS. to more clearly see the video and the dialog, just make it full screen and enjoy) 🙂

Game. Set. Match.

Josh | July 15, 2011

Game. Set. Match…hardly!

Why would I be embarrassed about any of that. I looked great and my dance moves were smoking. America’s Got Talent, here I come. All you did Josh, was show everyone how awesome I am, thanks!

Oh, little side note, it was hard to tell from that video but there were well over 100 people in that room during my little, “Performance” all cheering me on. Some people were loving it so much that they could barely look at me. Undoubtedly blinded by my Epicness!


Hah, I never would have thought that video could be any better. All you have to do is take it out of context and add captions. Brilliant!

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