Game Galaxy (Part 8)

Jordan | December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Well, ok so it’s not Christmas anymore but the sentiment is there. I asked earlier in the week what people’s insanely idealistic, dream gift would be and it seems the consensus is either some form of a Starship (winning) or something sentimental like seeing loved ones or owning a car maintenance shop. Well, now I’d like to know what you actually got. Please comment with what your BEST gift was this holiday season (and if you say your kids, I’ll straight up gag :)).

To answer my own challenge, here is what my Wife got me!

Does she know me or what?

Anyway, can’t wait to see/hear what you got! And if you can’t figure out how to link images, don’t sweat it, just post them on our Facebook fanpage, instead. It’s kinda a pain to do post pictures in the comment sections.

The Episode That Almost Wasn’t

So, I have to tell you this story. Our amazing Artist, Sale had a bit of an ordeal with today’s comic. You see, he got an early start on it cause it was intended to be a graphical tour de force but about 12 hours into his work, it suddenly told him that his file was corrupted and completely locked him out. Well, he didn’t give up and found out there was a way to un-corrupt his file with a minor program… this way in fact a lie. The life saving program was actually a soul-sucking virus and now, Sale found himself fighting to save not only his art but his entire body of work. With a few stress filled hours of hard work, Sale was able to save his computer but not the half a day’s work he’d had put into his now useless file.

So, like many great men before him, Sale was forced to start over from Square One and rebuild what he had lost… but now, he only had 1 day to do it in.

Needless to say, he made his deadline and turned out a great looking comic but I want to take a moment to thank Sale for not only his perseverance in the face of mounting adversity but more importantly, for being such a great friend and devoted teammate.

You sir, rule!

P.S. I felt extremely awkward getting my picture taken and I’m pretty sure it shows. I just couldn’t figure out what to do with my hands 🙂


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First off what the hell that game store guy must have cheated I mean how else could he have beat Jordan.

This year I mainly got given money to help pay for my wedding (Adam I am not saying it to show off just saying it;P). But I got two things that I love the first a book called Snuff by terry Pratchett which was given to me by my mum. The second and by far the best was my lego Darth Vader key ring torch which my amazing fiancée Colleen got me. Also that is one epic hoodie Jordan

Worth while present! Im sorry i had a rage moment about all the little rich kids where i live being horrible to other people about what they got. Hope all goes well with the wedding :’)

And im probably going against what i was raging at but i bought my Mother and Brother a Kinect set 🙂

I got a laptop so I can read your comic wherever there is wifi! OK, that wasn’t the only reason, but it was a big one!

First of all, awesome hoodie, and the pose is fine, the pose would’ve been awkward if you kept your hands to the side. Second, the artwork Sale does is ALWAYS killer and the writing is hilarious! Third, among other stuff I gots me a $20.00 gift card to Taco Bell. Jealous anyone?

ah, i would have lost my bet. would have put every thing i had on jordan. best present i got was my ipad2. but a close competitor was getting money so i could finally buy skyrim.

Let me guess…Jordan’s WoW free trial will somehow bring us back to the WoW Vs Life arc right? Maybe the sword helped the other guy win?! For Christmas I mostly just got gift cards and chocolate so it was pretty ‘sweet’

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