Game Galaxy (Part 7)

Jordan | December 23, 2011

The Last Comic… you know, before Christmas.

Isn’t that just the way, we build up a massive battle between Good and Evil…well, Eviler anyway, just to leave you hanging til after Christmas. The Guitar Hero Duel to end all Guitar Hero duels is Monday and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

The Real Folk Blues

While I was out Christmas shopping last week, I met frequent commenter, Chris, in person and I was both surprised to find out a real live person reads our little comic and immeasurably happy to meet him. Chris is a really cool guy but sadly, he was working and it being the holidays, he was swamped with needy customers so we had to cut our chat short but I fully intend to come in soon and bug him…


The Reason For the Season

Well, I better get back to it. I kidnapped Santa and I am demanding a Space Station filled with droids that make Spaceships, high-tech gear and well, more droids. So far he’s saying that it’s impossible and that he’s just a Mall Santa but once I start taking toes… he’ll talk, they always do 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Imagine Industries!

Except, New Guy, of course. I think he’s a Mormon or something.

New Guy: I’m from Ohio, not Utah.

Jordan: They both have 4 letters in the name so I fail to see the difference.

New Guy: That’s cause you’re obtuse.

Jordan: Thanks New Guy, I’ve been trying to lose weight.

New Guy: Ugh… Happy Holidays, folks.

Jordan: [Smile]


I, *ahem*, “expect” that you were looking for the word “except”. I’d normally let it go but between mettle and a little dyslexia I’m wondering if II should hire me as an editor. 🙂 Now there’s something Santa could bring me for Christmas: an application!

Haha this brings me back to many a video game match as a kid that had to be dismissed and started over and stricken from every record book because someone “wasent ready” lol its always the kid who is whinning to get started. Great comic guys lookong forwardto the conclusion 🙂

Because I am a cheat of the highest order and I bad loser I will come out and say that when you cant think of anyway to win the I WASN’T READY! cry is one of the best. You can keep saying thats why you lost or keep getting the game reset till the other guys gets board and gives up and you win by default.

i was very happy to meat you. made my hole freaking week when i found out who you were! you are welcome to stop by when ever. sadly im only part time so you have about a 50 50 chance i will be there. but if i am there. and you are shopping for some thing i will make sure you know about and get any of our hidden coupons to make things a little cheeper!

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