Game Galaxy (Part 6)

Jordan | December 16, 2011

The Greatest Gift Of All

With Christmas less than a week away, I was wondering what YOU would pick if you could receive any gift this year. And remember, this is Imagine Industries so when I say ANY GIFT, I mean it.

Example: For me, I’d like a fully-functioning Space Ship. Not the dorky phallic-shaped rockets that we have in the real world but something bad-ass like the Millennium Falcon, the ship from Firefly or The Bebop (btw, I am NOT an Anime fan save that ONE awesome show).

So, what about you, what is your Ultimate Gift? And please, dream BIG!

Stealing From A Master

I really like the way Javis from Legacy Control does his posts so I’ve decided to try it out myself. I hope he doesn’t mind.

The Strip: This episode is the continuation of two interweaving arcs that is currently focusing on showing Josh as an effeminate child. So that’s pretty sweet.

Gaming: SWTOR is owning me this week. I’ve gotten 6 characters through the first 10 levels so far and I’ve enjoyed everyone of their stories. I will say that the game isn’t very balanced at this point; the ranged classes are all “Death-on-Toast” while the melee classes are about as dangerous as a blindfolded kindergartener with a wiffle-bat. Sure he might eventually crack the Pinata but he’ll need one of the bigger kids to take a few whacks at it if he expects to get candy anytime soon. Of course, that and all the other minor quibbles I have with the game could be easily fixed with a patch.

Music: My wife put our copy of Owl City’s album in our car stereo last week to combat all the holiday music on the radio and I’ve probably listened to it from beginning to end about 3 times since.

Movies: Just watched, “Crazy, Stupid Love” for the first time tonight. I really enjoyed it. It had enough jokes to work as a comedy and enough story to work as a drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

Life: I through a small surprise birthday party for my Wife, Nicole, last night. I told her I wanted to take her on a date to her favorite restaurant but I worked it out that her family would already be at the table before we got there with her presents all set up. For me, this was the best b-day I’ve ever planned for someone. Of course, that’s not saying much since before this, every party I’ve ever thrown was a huge embarrassing failure.

And yes, she was surprised 🙂

See You Space Cowboy…


Yes the Firefly class!!! But then again making the Kessel run in less then 12 parcepts would be awesome!!! My ultimate gift would be my own car modification work shop :’) I don’t dream big but it would be awesome!

Hahaha you tell that little kid Josh:) I am still loving this arc. As for the gift yes having you space ship would be cool not sure I would want a Firefly class or the Millennium Falcon as they are both epic ships but are known to break down alot. So I thing something like Home one would do me just fine then I could jump around space yelling ITS A TRAP all the time. But my prefect gift would be just getting to spend Xmas with colleen in New Zealand this year not stuck back home in the uk.

ok, yeah…i’d have to go with the owning a spaceship as well. But I’d have to go with wanting the Azure Angel. Not to keep it small, i’d also like a saberstaff which can be separated into two individual blades.

and Adam…it’s Parsecs, not Parcepts :p

Who invited that kid?

I’d ask for a giant robot that I could pilot, with wings, a dragon mode, Gatling guns, two giant swords…I should probably just draw it 😉

i want a gigantic space station thats main purpose is to BUILD space ships. and to make me lots of money in selling them to other people! 😀

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