Game Galaxy (Part 5)

Jordan | December 16, 2011

Early Access to Epic

I am officially playing The Old Republic this week and it, as I had hoped, is awesome. It’s like Dragon Age and Star Wars had an MMO-style baby. Don’t believe me, ask my Wife, Nicole. She’s been loving her Bounty Hunter! Seriously, don’t mess with her or she’ll shoot a rocket up your ass and then set you on fire… and don’t get me started on what she’d do to you in the game.

Hi, I’m A PC

Also, I went out and got my Christmas present for me this year, a brand new Desktop PC. This thing is stupid good for what I paid for it. And yes, before you berate me, I did get it for Star Wars so shut up cause it was worth it. I only worry that one day far too soon, a 3.6 GHZ processor will be FAIL and I’ll have no choice but to buy a new one. I really, really hate spending money. Which brings me to my last topic.

Jordan: The Worst Gift Giver In The World

Wow, do I suck (maybe not as hard as WoW but still, a lot) at buying gifts. I use to be so great at it when I was younger. Somehow, my joy of the holidays has crashed and burned and now I barely know what I want, let alone anyone on my list. Although my track record over the last decade has been awful, this year I have resolved to do better (and it’s not even New Years). It all comes down to two things; one, a general happiness that I am trying to have all December. And two, MONEY, having money makes all the difference and for the first time in a long time I actually have some this Christmas. The reason, I’ve picked up a lot of shifts the last two months… ok, I am still only working like 30 hours a week but when you hate your job, that’s a ton.

This year, it all seems to be working because I feel very confidant that I have the right gifts for the right people.

How do I know I did a good job?

Josh isn’t getting a damn thing.

Happy Holidays all!


I already know how this will end Jordan will win by being epic or by cheating or both 🙂 Jordan has to win otherwise my whole world will be turned upside down and you guys cant do that to me your number one stalker…cough..cough I mean fan.

Haha, just read this storyline, so far I’m definitely interested to see how they will face off in guitar hero. No doubt you’ll make it an epic battle!

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