Game Galaxy (Part 4)

Jordan | December 12, 2011

Game On

So, Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially out on the 20th but those of us who pre-ordered will get into Early Access starting at 4am on the 13th.

Take a wild guess as to what time my alarm is set to for Tuesday morning?

We are on the verge of releasing the first official Imagine Industries t-shirt (hopefully in time for Christmas). We hope you enjoy our II Gear half as much as we enjoy the fact that we are finally doing some T-shirts!

Stay Thirsty, My Friends!

Josh | December 12, 2011

Stay thirsty indeed, friends.

So Slightly off topic, but has ANYONE seen the Rick Perry – Strong commercial? It’s all over youtube and is one of the most current viral videos. If you haven’t seen it… go check it out because it hurts my soul a little. Well I wanted to share a quick parody that a friend of mine did, but this video I actually somewhat agree with… 🙂 Enjoy!

Just In Time For Christmas

We at Imagine Industries are proud to announce that we have MERCH!!!

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Here is what the images look like up close

Cafe Press is currently running a 30% of special on all T-shirts and they have new deals going all the time. We hope you love our first two designs!



I went to a game store today to pick up a game and when I went to pay for it this is what was said.
Store guy: Do you have a Loyalty sir!
Me: Nope
Store guy: would you like one sir they do almost nothing and it will only take 5 to 30 minutes to fill in the paper work.
Me: No thank you just the game.
Store guy: would you like to get sent the store email every day telling you about stuff you dont want?
Me: No I just want the game
Store guy: Ok sir just before I sell you the game can I interest in any of the crap we have here in store that by the look on your face you clearly do not want but im am going to try sell you it anyway

what should have been a in and out thing took so much longer than it should have because this game store never let you just buy anything. The only reason I went there today was because they had what I wanted cheaper than the place I go to most of the time for games. Unlike the store in this story arch where the staff are unhelpful and clearly falling themselves if they think they can beat Jordan. This place where trying to be to helpful and the guy that served me came very close to getting punched in the face.

It should be * Loyalty card sir*

I think I prefer “Do you have a loyalty”. Questioning if you have already been sworn to one of the other peddlers of entertainment, so that should you choose you could swear fealty to their establishment, permanently selling your soul to their enterprising endeavors. Do you have a loyalty? Do you yet *belong*? If not, then fall to your knees and weep, for you are now owned.

Hold on. This arc is great but what happened to WoW vs. Life? I really want to see what happens with the creepy sword.

Have Faith! I would never just leave something like that without a plan… and that’s a promise.

Be aware that Jordan’s plans tend to be domestically violent towards Josh

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