Game Galaxy (Part 3)

Josh | December 9, 2011

Guitar Hero!
Ok, who hasn’t played Guitar Hero at SOME point in their lives? I very vividly remember the game taking over my life for a good chunk of time. Come to think of it, Guitar Hero + WoW has really kept me busy the last 6 years or so… good times.

Christmas time is nearing and Imagine Industries is attempting to get out some pretty big things this holiday season. We are unsure if we will be able to or not, but we are in the process of creating a store!!! We will have tee-shirts, bumper stickers… it will all be VERY exciting. So, we will try and be as diligent as possibly in getting things up and running, but if you are wanting some last minute Christmas ideas for your friends and family, keep a watchful eye for some II items to be coming your way soon!
Here is where you come in… we would love to hear about any ideas YOU have for a shirt or design! We have some pretty great things in the mix but it never hurts to have extra input! If you were to actually wear a shirt of II out in public, what would you want it to look like? Would you like a plain cotton shirt? How big would you want the picture to be? Would you prefer something more subtle? Would you want to go big or go home? Share with us your great ideas! We always ask you to e-mail us, but it would almost be just as effective to have you comment right here on the comic about it!

One Final Note…
Everyone has different preferences and likes. We would all hope for something different out of Imagine Industries wear (cooler name soon to come). So please try and be respectful to each others likes and dislikes. We are all here because we enjoy the comic, so let the ideas roll!


First … beat that Colleen and Jon xD
Spent the last couple of hours reading all the comics … there are good 😛

I have been distracting Colleen with the age old Gandald Vs Dumbledore argument.

Damn, just beaten to the punch!

I think the title for your store should be along the lines of:


+10,000 AWESOME

*end plug*

But seriously now, i’d love a blue girls tank with a pick of me on it. I loved the baseball player costume but a witches outfit is more….me 😉 Black with electric blue highlights. Tah Muchly.

What’s delivery going to be like on these things? Possible to get a Christmas gift for my Jonny?

First of all… Love the comic and I love where this story arc is going.

I haven’t caught them all but I am a closet Pokemon fan and call me a 9 year old which Bra… you do constently when the Pokemon thing comes up lol but it IS a quality game…

I want to remind you Bra who first REALLY introduced you to Guitar Hero and on the way home from who’s house did you HAVE to stop and Wal-Mart and buy the game for yourself… lol THIS guy…

Although I’ve had fun on the Guitar Hero sequels nothing has ever resonated with me as much as that first game… Finally clearing Bark at the Moon on Expert and being able to play it on hard without looking at the screen was quite a shining moment in my career as a video guitarist lol

This comic reminds me of the South Park episode “Guitar Queer-O” if you haven’t seen it you guys REALLY should watch it… its on Netflix instant watch, Season 11. I just hope Jordan wont get addicted to Heroin Hero

As for the T-Shirts a few things come to mind…

1) My first idea is to just take a White T-shirt and slap your facebook profile pic on it, the one of Jordan, Josh, and Tim that says “success” lol I’d wear it…

2) The round “II” logo on the front with the word “Imagine Industries” spelled out and then on the back starting from the center have Josh and Jordan standing sort of shoulder to shoulder and then out from each side have the entire cast including minor characters so like Tim, New Guy, WoW Guy, Coffee Girl Megan, Security Girl, Mark Zukerberg lol etc. I had a DragonBall Z shirt similar to that once… yup +20 nerd points

More ideas to come, have you guys considered doing a contest? where each person submits their best T-Shirts idea and then if you’re design is one of the ones chosen you win a free shirt off the first run of you’re idea? that would be kinda cool… give some incentive

My question, though: Did you intentionally use “metal” instead of “mettle” as a Guitar Hero pun, or do I get to call you out on it?

Hehe, I’m glad someone caught that pun! I wrote it originally with quotes but I must have forgot to put them on the script I sent Sale. So you do get to call me out on NOT adding the quotes and not making it clear.

Jordan gets a -1 to Awesomeness 🙁

No, you actually would get awesome points for that not lose them. Using “quotes” to point out a subtle and clever pun is not awesome. Its indicative of a good sense of humor, but the awesomeness comes in the more nuanced jokes. Something that most people’s eyes will skip right over, but the more scrutinizing will notice. Caught by this detail, they will look at it for a moment, then grin and say, “Oh. I see what you did there.” So I count that as a win.

As to Josh’s question “Who hasn’t played Guitar Hero at some point in their lives?” Ummmm…..Me. I have never played Guitar Hero, at all, ever.

I feel that in my conversation with Colleen and Jordan on FB the other day, I provided many lovely and wonderful ideas about the II clothing line.


Now where’s my free shirt :p

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