Game Galaxy (Part 2)

Jordan | December 5, 2011

Seriously, Josh… Stop Trying To Eat Your Feelings! An Intervention

Jordan: I sorta feel bad airing our dirty laundry but this needs to be said with all our friends around… Josh, you need to take better care of yourself.

We all care for and love you, well I don’t but that’s cause I’m afraid of my feelings… one battle at a time. Maybe it’s the new job or maybe you’re just upset cause you’re not as good looking as you use to be but that’s no reason to let yourself go like you have, plus you were never that good looking to begin with.

I get that Mr. Ho-Ho and Mrs. Butterfinger are call out to you in the night but you’re getting to old to indulge yourself the way you do.

New Guy, you have anything to add?

New Guy: I’m sorry Josh, he told me that this was going to be a Team Building Exercise… I should have been suspicious at the outset.

Jordan: Whoa, New Guy, you don’t have to be THAT hard on him. Can you believe he called you, “a sickening tub of goo”?

New Guy: I never said that and if he reads back he can clearly see that I…

Jordan: Ok, enough hogging the spotlight, Newbie. I think Tim wanted to say something…

Tim: Any of you guys want to see Ghost Protocol in IMAX with me next week?

Jordan: Do you seriously think that Josh could stand to be around that much popcorn in his current state?

Tim: Ah jeez, good point. Sorry man, that was really insensitive.

Jordan: It’s cool, Tim. You don’t think.

I feel that I should close this intervention out, don’t you guys?

New Guy: Not really…

Tim: I don’t care…

Jordan: Thanks guys, Josh stop thinking about doughnuts for 2 seconds and pay attention. You are fat now, so get use to it. You need to buy some stretchy pants, get a pair of those special Diabetes shoes and get a private nurse to give you a sponge bath when you’ve inevitably gotten to large to get out of bed. But don’t worry buddy, when your over-worked heart finally gives out because it can’t handle pumping all that high fructose corn syrup you call “blood” through your clogged veins, I’ll be right there to fork lift your fat-ass to your funeral and hit on your Nurse… because that’s what friends are for.

Josh | December 5, 2011

I just want you three to know how much I truly hate you.

As for the rest of the fans, well I leave the fate of my up coming fat jokes in your hands. Laugh it up while you can, I am just looking forward to this competition Jordan has gotten himself into…


No this will not stand there is only ever room for one fat guy per group and this groups fat guy is ME! Josh I am sorry but till you lose the weight you will have to go a group with two fat guys in will never work. This group can only be awesome like the Goonies if it has the same number of fat guys in which is one and I was fat first soooo you need to go.

Great job on the comic guys one of the many reasons I love this comic is because its always so funny and well draw you have yet to have one off day.

If Josh is fat… then that makes me morbidly obese…

As far as the comic goes though I love the look of anger and horror on Jordan’s face and being called a Nerfherder… Any Star Wars nerd knows what an insult that truly is

i wonder what the actual nerfherder’s union/association think about this? unless nerfherding is a path to the dark side 😮

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