Game Galaxy (Part 1)

Jordan | December 2, 2011

So It Begins

As you know, we here at Imagine Industries are all about storytelling (and general douche-baggery if I am to be honest) and this comic begins a great one! I don’t want to give too much away at the outset but suffice it to say, you will never look at crappy Mall Game Stores the same way once it’s over.

Side Note: Yes, I already pre-ordered The Old Republic and no, Josh’s room isn’t the saddest place on Earth… Tim’s is.

Hope you enjoyed the new comic and be prepare for things to start escalating out of control the way only Josh and Jordan can cause it to!


I can tell this one is going to be epic, looking forward to it.

Sale, well done on the details you put into that first panel. I love the chunky Batman.

Also, the new podcast is up!

Thanks again for joining us guys, we love doing these. Maybe next time technology will agree with me and video will work :S

Yes!! Thank you for doing that Brandon! We will make sure and put it as a part of our official post on our Monday comic! We always have an amazing time doing these podcasts with you two, and hop to be able to do more in the future!! Just let us know when you wanna do another!

YEEEEEEES! GAME GALAXY!!! I’m so excited for a new story arc…

My favorite in this comic is the bearded store employee hogging the demo set up while the impatient kids are crying lol so true..

Why do game stores in the Mall always small like a bunch of greasy fat dudes who don’t shower? oh that’s right because that’s 90% of their clientele.

I’ve been avoiding game stores by buying online lol

Ushering in a new storyline with some awesome art and characterization! Love all the ancillary antics in that wonderful first panel! Epic job!

Thank you so much! Actually all the credit there goes to Sale. You know for all the writing and myself and mostly Jordan do… Sale does a great job of his own writing in all the additions through his artwork! They tell a story all their own and we are truly lucky to have him!

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