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Jordan | July 11, 2011

The IN Crowd

It would seem that Facebook is getting its first spot of completion since it triumphed over Myspace throwing down there enemy and smote its ruin upon the mountainside. I couldn’t resist 🙂 Now it seems that Google is going to attempt the same thing with their new-fangled social networking system, Google + (or Google Plus…I’m really not sure which). As the comic indicates it WAS difficult to get in but (also as the comic indicates) I have a G+ account now. If anyone would like an invite, simply send your email address to our email or message me on Facebook so you can try it out for yourself.

No Fireworks, Denied

Josh promised me swift and horrible retribution for my post last Friday but here I am on Monday, unscathed. I know it was his birthday and he was busy but damn it man, unleash the dogs of war already!

Last thing I’ll mention, you may have noticed that all the clutter that usually populates the bottom of our posts is gone. Fear not! The clutter has just moved over to the right side of the page. We appreciate everyone whom has been voting for us by clicking those odd little buttons and we love all the Facebook ‘likes’ we’ve been getting (makes us feel all warm and gooey inside). I guess we are going to have to get a Google ‘+1’ thing now too. Damn, the second I feel like I have figured out this social networking stuff they go and add a new thing to learn. Typical.


I’m still not used to Google+… Do you think it’ll be more useful than Facebook? I’m careful about starting another social media distractor…

hehe, honestly I think it won’t be the next Facebook. I just don’t see enough people wanting to give up on Facebook to jump ship.

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