The Chair Necessities

Jordan | February 21, 2011

Two Down…finally!

There is something kind of funny about these first two episode; we have been developing this comic for a year now and in that time the first two comics have seen dozens upon dozens of re-writes, two different artist, 6 different versions of the “final” comic and more scrutiny than a Judge trying to get put on the Supreme Court.  All that reading, and re-reading has given me a real love/hate vibe when it comes to these first two comics.  I love what they represent; the beginning of our adventure into a new world but at the same time I can barely look at them without wincing at the thought of how many changes went into making them what they are…

I’m sure many of you parents out there know exactly what I mean.

Now that he has really hammered out what all the characters look like, our amazing artist, Aleksandar “Sale” Jovic, occasionally muses about re-doing the first 2 episodes.  All I can think is, “Sweet, merciful God no” and give him a new script to keep him busy.


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