Dungeons And Douchebags

Jordan | July 1, 2011

Just to be clear…not racists

I have two quick shout outs; first, Happy Birthday to my brother Quinn (I love you Bro) and second, a big thank you to Adam Brown for suggesting our comic to so many people.  We had our biggest single week by far this week and we owe it in no small part to Adam and his many, many friends.

And now a retraction.  I have made many claims that Transformers 3 would not be good (actually, I said it would be pure, unmitigated $#!%) and I was wrong.  In my defense, Transformers 2 was awful but T3 was, to my surprise, pretty good. Josh and I watched the midnight premiere and shared our opinions in this weeks, While You Were Working.

Lastly, for all our new readers, I’d like to extend you an invitation to join our fan page.    It’s a great way to be reminded of updates and it makes us feel like more people read our comic.  Hooray for Ego-stroking!

Jordan | July 3, 2011
Under Construction

Imagine Industries is getting a bit of a face-lift this week. Please don’t be alarmed by the changes, I promise by the end it will all look much, much better! Thanks again to everyone who read us this week, it has been far and away our best single week since we launched and we owe that to you all!
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