Don’t Be Such A Whispering Eye

Josh | June 23, 2011

The League of Losers
Ok, first things first, the title of this episode will not make sense unless you have watched the movie “Role Models”. I HIGHLY recommend you stop reading this post right now, rent it… watch it… then come back to the comic. It’s a great movie with tons of laughs. To check out the trailer click here Just a forewarning, the trailer is uncensored, so watch at your discretion!

I have actually highly anticipated this episode ever since Jordan came up with the idea for Larping (Live Action Role Playing). I feel as though it’s a great combination of writing and art to make a really great web comic arc that not a lot of other comics have done before. In fact, out of the major web comics I read, I cannot think of another one that has done this idea before, so for that we are both pretty proud 🙂

On an awesome note, we have had almost 30,000 views of our comic since we started February 21st this year and we could not have done it without you all! Our hope is that by our 100th comic we will be near 100,000 views or more, so we just need to keep doing our best and can always use your help! Tell your friends and family, post us on facebook… anything helps and we sincerely appreciate it all!
Keep looking out for the continuation of this arc, it could be our best one yet. There are definitely some laugh out loud moments that we are looking forward to, and we hope you are too!

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Role Models is a great movie I still think it would have been cool if one of the LAIR players from the movie had dressed up as the Minotaur.

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