Darth Hater

Jordan | April 23th, 2011

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Star Wars… Again

For those of you keeping track, this is my 15th episode having something to do with Star Wars. I’d apologies but that would be pretty empty since I’ve got another one coming up in a week or so. You might say I’m a fanboy, heck you might even call me obsessed… that’s it, I have no defense, in fact, I’m probably a little of both. Can’t help it, it’s just who I am; when I was a kid and wrote Santa, I’d always, without fail, ask for a lightsaber and Millennium Falcon and to be clear, I didn’t want toys… I wanted a working laser sword and a ship capable of interstellar travel.

And when I say, “when I was a kid”, I should mention that those are still the things I want for Christmas. I guess we never really grow up, do we?

Grizz Frix and Captain Panaka Are Going To Send Hatemail

I just wanted to jump out ahead of this and say, yes… there ARE other Black characters in Star War, they just had such forgettable roles that it didn’t matter. In fact, I’d be shocked if anyone knows who Grizz Frix is without looking him up. Now, arguably the worst character in the history of Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks was played by African American actor, Ahmed Best and James Earl Jones did voice Darth Vader but otherwise, it’s a pretty segregated Universe. And if you don’t believe me, just ask this guy.


I was wearing my happy face after reading the comic, SW is the best. Played Starwars Battlefront last night because this comic made me want to kill clones and possibly get a shot in on Vader.

I’m really glad you liked it and for a guy who normally hates those kind of games… Battlefront was pretty damn sweet.

15 Star wars comics is nothing WoW got 30 whole comics in that story arc you guys did and lets be fair here Star War should have as many as WoW if not more. Plus I think a few Skyrim comics are called for 🙂

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