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Jordan | May 21th, 2012

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A Thank You To Our Fans

Some of you may have noted that I don’t like to use the word, “Fan” when talking about the people who read our comic.  I say things like, “reader” or “viewer” or just call you, “friends”.  I partly do this out of humility; I think on some level, I’ve never excepted that I have earned Fans.  In my mind, Fans are those people who riot when their team loses (or wins), Fans follow your every move and defend you, even when you’re super-duper, crazy-pants wrong.  Michael Jordan has fans, Joss Whedon has Fans… not me.

Well, you guys… the Fans, made me extremely proud with your comments this Friday.  When I announced that Sale was doing his last few comics, it was a low point for me.  Whatever legitimacy I felt this comic had calling itself “art” was gone without our uber-talented, Ninja Artist.  Up until now, Sale has been my shield; if I wrote a not-so-great episode, I knew I’d be protected by his Mastery of the digital pen.

It’s true, it won’t be the same and it’s true, I won’t be able to rely on amazing art (at least for a while) but that doesn’t mean it needs to be over… it just means I need to step it up!

That being said, the next few weeks might be a bit “rough”.  We are going to be trying a few different things with the art (and writing), some will hopefully work, some will undoubtedly crash and burn.  I’d like to ask your help in honestly critiquing us as we move forward.  You can either comment on our Facebook Fan Page or our site or, if you feel the advice would be best kept private, you can email us at

Last thing before I give you guys a funny video to watch, I want to officially single out a few of our Fans for their support and encouragement…

Mr. AB (We wouldn’t likely still be running this site without your support)

Confidence… whoever you are (Your kick in the butt on Friday was just what I needed, thank you)

Jon and Colleen Super Fan (You have been with us from the start and we love that you comment on nearly every post.  We couldn’t have ask for more loyal Fans and truer friends, thanks for being so freaking “Super”)

Joe “Bra” Sturzinger (Not only are you a great guy and a supportive Fan but you also let us loosely base WoW Guy on you… and I do mean loosely 🙂 )

Chris (I’ve always liked the New Guy too, man 🙂 )

Patty (for giving us our first fan letter)

Dwayne (for not only being a Fan but also for being the first person to commission us for art… and so far, the only person. But you did it twice and insisted on overpaying, which was a big confidence booster for us.)

Brandon and Colin (for making us feel so supported in the webcomic community)

Adam Carr and Alicia Caissie (for their bad-ass Fan scripts!)

I am quite certain I missed more than a few people I’m going to kick myself over but it’s getting late and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.  It’s going to be interesting to write a situation I am capable of drawing.  I guess anything involving horses is out since the ones I draw always turn out looking like misshapen dogs… and dogs are out cause, they too, look like misshapen dogs.  Also I can’t really draw people… did I mention this was going to be rough?

Oh yeah, funny video…

We gave Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy a lot of crap a couple weeks back and I just wanted to share this video and to prove that, ‘we cool’.

Hope to see you this Friday for Sale’s last comic and hopefully we can get Josh to review Diablo 3 for this Wednesday’s While You Were Working.


Thank you Jordan for the shout out. I still think I under-paid for those works of art. I hope everything works out for the best. Otherwise, there would be nothing for me to look at on Mondays and Fridays at my desk at work. I mean, I’ve already deactivated my Facebook now THIS?!?! Seriously, I hope it all works out.

you make me laugh every time i read one of your comics, and loosing sale will suck. but it would really suck if we lost your righting as well. but no matter what happens man thanks for the damn good laughs i bet there will be plenty more as long as you stick to it.

p.s new guy is grate, and boobs are awesome. 😀

Can’t believe that Jonny has not already posted. He’ll be appropriately whipped.

The last panel totally made me think of role models, which made me think of quite possibly one of your best storylines – starting with “Don’t be such a whispering eye”. Got to remember good times and have a giggle at maturity/lack thereof. Thanks guys <3

Nice strip! The girly-lovey eyes in the first panel are hilarious after you read the last panel and see what he was looking at! Male brain wiring is both a joy and a curse sometimes 😛

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