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Jordan | October 7, 2011

Return To Form

Well, we’re back to single episodes for a little while (although, another arc DOES loom large in the horizon). I don’t want to go on and on about this but we literally got like 100 new Facebook fans with our last comic and I just had to say something (especially cause that was about a 30% jump for us).

By the way, the handsome devil with the messed up hand in today’s comic was none other than our own amazing artist, Sale Jovic, who finally made a cameo in our comic. Since he’s the artist and controls so much of what actually happens in each comic, I like to think of his character as sort of our own version of Q from Star Trek. An untouchable Demi-God with the power to make our lives unfathomably awesome or literally bring the walls of Imagine Industries down around us in a hale of faulty beams and unregulated asbestos.

The moral of the story…don’t make Sale angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!

Jordan | October 8, 2011

Who Needs Twitter? I’ve Got A Website!

I just had the idea to share something and I thought, maybe I should start a twitter account. Silly Jordan! I can just post here…and now I am.

Everyone should check out the show, “Unforgotten Realms”. It’s a dorky comedy following two friends playing the strangest version of D&D I’ve ever seen. If you’re into nerd culture (and if you’re on my site, you are) you’ll love this. I posted the first episode below and if you want to give it a chance, HERE is a link to the entire run of the show.


Hahaha, really like the final panel. Great punchline! And, congratulations on the success of your comic! Glad to hear you are getting more readers! You go boy! 🙂

Thanks man! Love your comic too. I particularly liked the newest one I saw about mud wrestling. It’s the kind of comic I wish I had thought of first!

Its great to see the Sale in a comic and I love how in the comments afterwards you liken him to Q in Star Trek because sale is clearly omnipotent.

Also Jordan loving the link you posted 🙂 is that a tavern! no its a cow lol. Just waiting for Monday and the new comic cant believe I look forward to Mondays now

So we finally see Drawing Bloke Sale. The man behind the awesomeness of this comic’s artwork. Love your work Sale, absolutely love it. I wish I could draw hands that well. The way that hand looks Sale you should take a week off to rest it up. They’ll manage with MS Paint for a while without you.

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