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Jordan | October 10, 2011

It Just Seems Obvious To Me

I mean, why DOESN’T someone just shoot the bastard? It seems like Wizards have a hard enough time deflecting spells that they CAN see coming, so a bullet…

And while I’m at it, what’s the deal with Dumbledore’s Master plan? Instead of using his last year destroying every Death Eater he can, he opts to have Snape kill him, thus getting Voldemort to trust Snape. But for what? What good does that do? Snape tells Voldemort the right time to attack Harry at the Dursleys and he doesn’t even try to hurt Voldemort before he gets awful, bloody snake murdered by Nagini. The only thing he does seem to do for the good side is steal the sword of Gryffindor (which he could have done whether he was a Death Eater or not) and give it to Harry. What a flipping waste! It just seems to me like a stupid, f#@%ing plan. They take their best two guys out of the final battle and leave everyone else to fight and die. Brilliant! I personally blame the deaths of Remus, Tonks, Fred and everyone else who died defending Hogwarts on Dumbledore and his idiotic plan.

Thanks for listening to me nit-pick one of the best movies of the year 🙂

Oh yeah, I forgot, Spoiler Alert!

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Jordan | October 12, 2011

Nerd Alert: Avengers Trailer

Since being nerds is half of what we do here, we kinda have to post this:


yup, thats awesome.

That is amazing… you commented on the new comic before he even finished the comment section. Now THAT is dedication!!

If you ask me, Harry had it easy enough throughout his time at Hogwarts. But what does he do with all that time? Nothing. Not even take up a teaching position at the school to put all his good talents to use. What a waste of education.

Don’t even get me started on marrying Ginny…c’mon! Really? He could have had any girl he wanted, but no, he marries the ginge! Cho was way fitter, even if she was Diggory’s leftovers :p

Ginny wasn’t really bad, just not fully grown up. But I maintain that both Harry and Hermionie really married “into the family” more than they fell in love with one particular person over another.

I love this comic guys, although I get the humor im not a fan of Harry Potter cause im like you know… an adult *wink*

BTW anyone else going to the Pokemon tournament this weekend!? OMG Charizard is TOTALLY gonna trounce Blastoise

Yeah, Charizard is going to totally pown…wait a second, you’re making fun of us 🙁

lol actually I’m making fun of myself more… I actually DO like Pokemon, not to the point I go to tournaments but i enjoy the game. Actually i have no beef with anyone who likes Harry Potter, I’m not a fan but I can see how a lot of people are, I think we all have some guilty pleasures that are “intended” for kids which I dont think is so bad 🙂

Oh and it was super fun to make fun of Josh when he went to the midnight premiere of the most recent Harry Potter wearing his robe and wizard hat

Why is Jordan sitting up firing a high powered rifle? Totally should’ve been in the prone position, or maybe it is a blaster rifle and theoretically shouldn’t have any recoil?

He’s totally right! I should have laid down in my Solid Snake style sneaking suit, possibly scratching it up before Halloween…I think NOT!

I know Old Voldy is an Evil SOB but I only lay down to shoot the REALLY bad dudes, like Hitler or Micheal Bay.

Exactly right! I have had this same discussion with my wife so many times. I mean Harry is a Muggle for god sakes, he knows whats up! Like even if you had a rickety old revolver, you wold still lay waste to most Death Eaters. Ok, the next phase would be to enchant or curse the bullets of a .50 Cal machine gun. Sorry I rambled a bit there. LOVE THIS!

It’s quite simple really, the story ook place in Britain. Yeah, they have some prestige in the wizard world but in the Muggle world, they’re just ordinary joes and if a civilian asked for a gun in Britain, the authorities would politely tell him to f*** off. However, this would have very likely happened if the story took place in America or Switzerland or something.

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