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Jordan | June 27, 2011

I, Pad the Time of My Life…

Well, I’m back!  …sorry

The move went off WITH a hitch (several, in fact) but who am I to complain…oh right, I’m ME!  Moving is universally awful! If you already live in your, “Forever Home”, count your blessings.  Otherwise, I would suggest settling for wherever you are right now ’cause the grief isn’t worth it. I finally see the appeal of never moving out of your parents place (besides the home cooked meals and having someone to do your laundry…wait, why did I move out again?)  Well, the moving out part is over and now the unpacking/organization part begins.  On a highly related point, if anyone out there is planning on killing me, please do it now, you know, before I finish this hellish process and start enjoying life again.

Moving right along (ok, no more puns), the new comic is up for your viewing pleasure and I think it’s a real winner (I should, I wrote the #@%!er!).  I was extremely proud of it particularly before I was told by a few people that they didn’t realize Jordan was using an I-Pad in the last panel.  Hopefully you all got that on the first read-thru but if, you too felt that the last panel fell a little flat then perhaps knowing what Jordan is holding will fix this issue for you 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone that has joined our Facebook fan page since we set it up a week ago!  It is really great to see all the great people who read our comic and we hope that if you haven’t joined yet, you will take a second to do so now, right below my post.

Thanks again for everything and keep reading, not only do we have more LARP episodes for you but Josh’s Birthday is next Friday and let’s just say I’ve got a “Present” for him.

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