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Jordan | June 13, 2011

In Sickness and In Health…

Well, this hasn’t exactly been a banner week for me or Sale as far as health is concerned.  He honestly has had it far worse (a doctor told him he couldn’t have alcohol and now he has to eat Tofu with every meal) but I too haven’t been near 100% and it has made life miserable (especially while I am in the middle of a move).  Lucky for me, my wife has really been stepping up and kicking ass so, we are in great shape to get our move done with as little stress as possible.  Hehe, low stress moving…cause that ever happens 🙂

Josh, I’m sure would be helping us out right now but he’s is 5,000 miles away  in London, England at the moment.  Undoubtedly enjoying  the UK’s famous sunny skies and terrific food.  I’m being told by my wife that London has neither of those things; well, at least tell me they have top-notch dentistry?  …She’s just staring at me now.

Super 8:  My Favorite Film since The Dark Knight

Well, I’ve waited almost 3 years to say this; I just watched a movie that I liked as much as, “The Dark Knight”.  I had high hopes for several films to take that honor; “Inception,” “Scott Pilgrim”, “Kick-Ass”, “X-Men: First Class”, “500 Days of Summer”, “Star Trek” and “Inglorious Basterds” to name a few.  All great films but none brought me to the same level of sheer giddiness as, “The Dark Knight” did.   To my surprise, it was a kid’s movie (well, a movie about kids anyway) that finally reached “Knight” status but I guess I really shouldn’t be that shocked.  Lately, some of the best movies have been directed towards a younger audience; “Toy Story 3” and “Tangled” were both superb.  Also “Super 8” was born from a collaboration of  JJ Abrams (who has been on a roll) and Steven Spielberg (who has been due for a win).  Well, a win he got cause “Super 8”, at least for me, was flawless.  Everything worked with this film; great, genuine dialog, a terrific cast, well-timed humor, pitch-perfect drama, shades of Action, Sci-fi and Horror all wrapped into one.  It was like if, “The Goonies” was done at the level of “Firefly”.  I can’t point to one thing I’d change, one line I’d rewrite, I have nothing negative to say…and anyone who knows me know that never happens.

Anyway, I won’t bore you by going on and on but suffice to say, I whole-heatedly recommend you see, “Super 8″…right now if at all possible.

Assuming you didn’t just run out your door, screaming as you rushed to your local theater, I have one more tiny piece of news.  Due to popular demand (and by popular, I mean more than 5 people asked me to do it) I set up an Imagine Industries fan page on FB.  I am new to Facebook, so it took me a bit longer than I had guessed to put it all together but it’s up and running now.  Just click ‘like’ on the box below to become one of our first fan!  I would also love any input as to ways to improve our fan page…and really any input is appreciated from you guys 🙂

Thanks again for reading and see you next time when I will hopefully be done singing the praises of “Super 8”



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