A New Beginning

Jordan | May 28th, 2012

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Picture This

We’ve got a lot to talk about…

First off, we have changed formats.  With Sale gone, we had to come up with a plan for what kind of comic we wanted to be.  Now, the natural choice would have been find a new artist or draw it ourselves.  We considered both but neither felt quite right; bringing a new person into a project that has been going on for a while is tricky and either Josh or I drawing would be a disaster rival to making Joseph Kony Principal of a Grade School.  One idea kept coming up though, Photocomic.  It’s rare, it’s cheap and it takes advantage of something our comic has going for it, most of our characters are (loosely) based on someone in real life.

Now, some people say you should NEVER make yourself a character in your own webcomic, it breaks some fundamental rule that people who “REALLY UNDERSTAND WEBCOMICS” all agree should never be broken.  I see their point, if someone makes a character based on them self, the writer may start to idealize them, making their story more about self-serving Hero-worship than telling a good story with ups and downs.  I think this rule would apply if not for a rule we’ve lived our lives by since comic one; our characters are deeply flawed dicks who deserve punishment, not praise.  We don’t think that “Josh” and “Jordan” are the type of people others should want to like, be friends with or trust in the least bit.  They have their good qualities too; Jordan is often caring, self-deprecating, loyal and clever, while Josh is… um, tall… I guess. Besides, the rule is kinda b.s. anyway; the most successful and well known webcomic characters ever are Gabe and Tycho, whom are directly based on their creators and are so indivisible that both men are better known by their character’s names than their own.

All I’m saying is, try explaining that characters can’t be based on their writers to Penny Arcade’s 2 million some-odd daily readers.

I don’t know where all that came from, back on topic…

Photocomic: A Great Idea Or The Greatest Idea Ever?

So, I want to know what you think of  our new format.  Keep in mind, that this is my first attempt at it and I intend on improving as I work on more comics.  In fact, I would have had more time to work on it but the computer I use for Photoshop suddenly stopped working when I was about to begin editing. I had spent most of my time getting PS on my other computer and relearning how to do word bubbles (true story). Anyway, do you think it’s got potential?  Is it too different for you?  How do you weight in on our choice?  Please, let us know in the comic’s comment section (don’t worry, we haven’t changed that part to photos only… yet).  All constructive criticism is appreciated and all cruel criticism is accepted, assuming that it is at least somewhat witty and directed at Josh.

I will say that shooting this episode (and the other 2 we did that day) was a blast.  I basically got to hang out with my best friend and my Wife (who gave up her afternoon to take pictures of me in my underwear) while making jokes and playing out ridiculous scenarios.  The best part was getting Josh to laugh by staring at him when he was trying to hold  his facial expression.  His inability to hold a straight-face reminded me of back when Jimmy Fallon would do skits on SNL with Will Ferrell.

You can’t tell me that this skit would have been as good without the crackups.


I LOVE this!

You guys have a real knack for the facial expressions, and i think the same style of script works well – i think the little reminder of Jordan’s Baby got back video helped the transition.

It’s the characters who get this through – you can have the best photos or a fantastic artist like Sale and if your script sucks then your comic sucks. You guys are talented enough to have a great script. The Art of the past worked well, i look forward to seeing many more comics – if they be drawn, photos or whatever you guys experiment with!

Thanks, Colleen!

We aren’t sure where this comic will be in 6 months but we do know it will updated (at least) every Monday and Friday.

I will tell you where it will be in 6 months right here being awesome as always. How do I know this you ask will it simple I dont like it when things I like go away so you cant go away where or I will come drag you back.

It’s definitely an interesting take. I love how exaggerated the expressions and gestures are. Are going to be adding any affects to future photo comics or simply leave the photos as is? Either way, good luck on the new direction!

We weren’t sure HOW exaggerated to go with it at first so we just tried very, very. Glad you liked that. As for effects… the next episode is are first parlay into that arena… my intention is to use them as the ideas call for them. I am still learning Photoshop so I think my comfort with the program will be the biggest factor in adding effects moving forward.

Thanks for your questions and comment!

OMG! Colleen you’re right! oh dear god! Twilight! my eyes! my eyes!

Other than that, looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! 🙂

I love it. The facial expressions are perfect, and it was a nice way to transition into the new style.

It is definitely an interesting take on a web comic that I have never seen, that being said this is the only one I read. But people let us not forget about the new “Sale” of this comic (the person behind the camera). Great job digital perspective capturer?

DO IT! I wasn’t sure where you were going to take this, since you seemed ready to roll with Plan B awfully quickly, but I actually laughed out loud. In the office. I’m inconspicuous like that.

Not everybody could pull of a photocomic, but I see potential here.

This was GREAT! I laughed out loud! Your expressions were Perfect! I will look forward to your next comic. Fantastic Job!! Keep going!

HA! i LOVE it! this is awesome! oh and i play in photoshop all the time. ben doing it for a long time. if you need any thing just ask!

I actually know someone who does a fair amount of graphic design and has done some photomanipulation. I’ll see if I can get a hold of her and maybe she can come up with some ideas. I’ll be in touch.

I like it! Good job with the expressions 🙂 Of course we have one of the only other photo comics out there so of course I do 😉

That being said, I like that you guys are wading into experimental waters. Don’t be afraid to try other things (I laughed my ass off when you guys reversed roles with Sale). I’m looking forward to seeing the continued saga 🙂

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