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Jordan | November 11, 2011

Always look on the bright side of your life

This week in our While You Were Working post, I shared the things that I am thankful for (before Thanksgiving even, what can I say, I’m a trendsetter) and I asked you guys what YOU were thankful for, as well. Well, so far no one responded 🙁 but since it was just a WYWW and not a comic, I figured I’d restate the challenge.

So, email us or comment on this post or our facebook fan page with why YOU live a charmed life and the person who’s answer we enjoy most will win a free custom Avatar by our artist, Sale!

I’d like to post the winner’s entry this Monday…that is assuming anyone enters 🙂 Hey, on the upside, if no one else wins, I’ll just have Sale draw me an Avatar of me as an Epic Hero…or The Joker. Which, by the way, he COULD do for you if you get one.

Josh | November 11, 2011

Does anyone realize it’s 11/11/11?!
Just thought I would point that out, and it will be 11:11 today two times, and this will not occur again for another 100 years. Chances are with how old people live now a days compared to 50 years ago, I would say most of us have a good chance to make it to the next one. HOPEFULLY the comic will still be going, AM I RIGHT?!

Oh and also…

You’re welcome. 🙂


Hellow every other fan of I.I.

I am Colleen, AKA the chick who played bucketbat with Sale’s head. I taught him for trying to bible slap me, me – the number one fan of the bible slapper committee!

I tend to be greedy with I.I. attention, and also push it on all my friends and online buddies. Problem is, i already have an epic Sale drawn avatar and cannot really campaign for another one.

I’m begging you guys to pluck up the courage and post for this – Sale Avatars are the best! I’m sure there are other cases of pure awesome, i’m not the only one afflicted by the most awesome of lives…..

If for no other reason…do it for Josh’s children, who will no longer be.


I would have to say that I am thankful for a good many things. Namely my family who are really supportive of everything that I have done or wanted to accomplish in life. Without that support I would not likely have moved to the UK and become a lawyer. Also, I am thankful for my girlfriend who is the kindest and most caring person in the world. She puts up with a lot from me, but she knows I love her.

Also, I am thankful for my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because I get to read new comics from I.I. and also WYWW to boot 🙂

I wonder if sucking up to Jordan, Josh and Sale will get me a cool avatar?

Why do I live a charmed life?

1) I work at a candy and ice cream store.
2) I am 17 but in my second year of community college (with a 3.6ish GPA)
3) I get to spend an outrageous amount of time on the computer because I’m in online classes.
4) I’m a film/theater nerd.
5) I play D&D (Halfling Rogue).
6) I’m blonde, which apparently have more fun and are preferred by gentlemen.

I think that’s it…
Oh and I think it’s hilarious they just keep talking and completely ignore him… =D

what am i thank full for? well lets see here… number one would have to be that im thank full for my job i just got. “yay for income” two would have to be reading these amazing comics 🙂 three would be reading the very amusing comments that fallow. and Colleen i have decided that yours are some of my favorites. you normally get a good chuckle out of me lol hmmm four? well im defiantly thank full for my friends and family. oh and five? thats an easy ending one there… Skyrim 🙂 nuff said.

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