Some Things Should Stay Dead

Jordan | May 7th, 2011

Unlucky There’s A Family Guy

So, due to a little miscommunication, this comic tells a slightly different joke than I intended.  The comic comes off like we’re saying, “Josh is mean to the New Guy, so OF COURSE he wouldn’t watch a show with him” which is all well and good but I intended it to read, “The best new Family Guy episode still isn’t that good”.  The mix-up is my fault since I didn’t do a good job (or really any job at all) at explaining the shots.  As the writer of a comic, it is, and should be, my job to Direct each episode and fully explain my vision.  I just assumed Sale was in my head and knew what I was thinking.  I dropped the ball and to both Sale and to you, our readers, I’m sorry for my mistake.

Hey, at least the grammar is all correct… I think.

Now, this leads me into my originally planned post with this comic…

The Lives And Deaths Of The Shows We Love

I was amongst those calling for Family Guy to be saved after it’s sudden cancellation in 2002 and was ecstatic when, 3 years later, it got brought back to FOX, where it’s been a mainstay of the Network ever since.  Honestly, the show deserved to get a second chance based on it’s first 3 seasons and it came back nearly as good as it had been before it got the axe… for a while, anyway.  Eventually, the show grew tired and relied more and more on gross-out humor to fill out it’s 22 minute run time.  Now, that happens and it’s ok to simply run out of fresh material but that, for me, is when I just turn the channel (which I sadly have done with Family Guy).  Community is another example, great first season, got saved by die-hard fans, stuck around for 2 more years and has just gotten worse and worse since (with a few amazing episodes and moments thrown in there to give us hope).

Although a slow, humiliating death isn’t exactly ideal, it’s still much preferred to going down like Firefly or Arrested Development did, while they were still at the top of their game.  At least we know that Family Guy eventually got unwatchable, with Firefly we, as fans, are stuck with 14 amazing episodes and one fantastic movie and a single, burning question.  What if?  What if it got another season in a good time slot with the Network’s support, could it have made it as big as us, the fans, thought it should have?  Instead we are all left with nothing but the improbable hope that the Serenity will fly again.  For me, I think I’d rather they’d burn out than fade away.

Here is hoping that the success of The Avengers will put Joss Whedon in the position to do any project he wants and, if he has another season of our favorite Space Western plan out, let’s hope the Brown Coats will rise again…

Jordan: What do you think, Mal?

Malcolm Reynolds: I’m thinking we’ll rise again.

Jordan: Hehe, quoting Firefly will never get old.

Malcolm Reynolds: God knows we never got the chance to…

Jordan: And that’s what “Grinds My Gears”.


Great Journal Jordan, as much as I love Firefly, and believe me I love it, there has only been 14 episode’s and a movie, at least that I am aware of. If you can find the last episode please tell me. It has one of the worst ending for a series, which ends with a great quote of a man flying through space “well, here I am”

anyway keep on keeping on

Firefly was the best and it never really finished that’s what bugs me it just stops mid season thanks to the ass hats that cancelled it. I would have loved it to go on and on but I would have settled one whole season rather than half of one. The film Serenity was cool to but I was still left wanting to know more after it was over.

I have to agree on family guy it used to make me laugh all the time now its once every few episodes however the Surfin’ Bird episode rocks. I am still a big fan of american dad not sure why maybe just because I like singing the theme song.

And here is where I must decidedly disagree with your dissertation, Jordan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a brown coat all the same, but I’m not sure I would have preferred Firefly to burn out.


1) Part of the intense charm and personality of Firefly had to do with the writers constantly being on the chopping block. They knew every episode had to count, had to be the best episode they could write, because if they didn’t they would get cancelled (sooner). They had to write the episode “The Train Job” in a single weekend because their original pilot episode got thrown out and they had to come up with a new script. There is a certain almost desperate quality to the way they had to artfully introduce the setting and characters. To be certain, a lot of it is the talent of the writing staff alone, but there is something to be said by knowing you can’t slack off for even a moment.

2) Maybe if Firefly had never been cancelled, maybe they could have pulled it off, but at this point they can’t touch it. The show meant so much to its fanbase that, in an attempt to pull ourselves into the world we love so much, most fans came up with their own answers to lingering questions, such as Book’s backstory. There have been comics and spin-offs from the show to try to elaborate on some of these details, but they are doomed to disappoint most fans who have their own “version” of how things go. I for one, (SPOILERS) have my own dreamworld in which (OH DEAR GOD SPOILERS) Zoe is pregnant with Wash’s child because, seriously, you can’t kill off everyone’s favorite character without giving us some reason to go on living. I have even read a canon graphic novel about Book’s history, and I don’t like it, because I am too attached to what there is in the show and what I made to fill in the gaps. At this point, any plea to “bring back Firefly” is just asking to tear open old wounds.

3) I would rather see it cut down in its prime, so I can remember how good it was, not how terrible it ended up as. Take Family Guy. It had some good first seasons, but over time it gets old, it tries too hard (or not hard enough) and pretty soon, people don’t think “Oh man, Family Guy was great and its struggling a bit now but I still judge it solely by its initial well-written seasons!”. No, they think “Man, this show used to be good, but now its sucks, and that is the framework with which I will base my evaluation of this show.”

No, I would rather have fond memories of what was than the horrifying truth of what could have been. The show is perfect, because it didn’t have time to screw it up.

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